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Ladies 1 makes a flying start

Dames 1 van US Handbal Amsterdam

New season, new sponsor, new outfit, a couple new players but still the same strong energy. And once again, it worked out great! The first ladies team of U.S. Handbal started the season with three wins in a row. Even though some players hadn't met with each other before the first game started, they figured out in time how to defend and attack as a team well enough to bring those points home.

This year, we got some extra Norwegian power, some I'm-short-but-my-legs-go-really-high goalie power and some I'm-actually-a-wing-but-I'm-amazing-as-a-back-player-power to make this team great again. Together with the other girls and coach Hans they form a solid, strong and twerking team who strive to win every match.

Let's see what this season brings! Keep up the good work, girls!

Last but not least: kill, but especially double kill.


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