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Heren 2 op reis naar Zeeland

Zeeland. Damn Zeeland. Where the fuck is Zeeland?

Today Iv'e learned that there's really a place called Zeeland. And it's in the Netherlands. Yeah. But after Belgium.

And in Zeeland there's a town called Heinkenszand. (FYI Itay: look at the map left of the picture)

And that was the Sunday fun day trip for H2 today.

We headed south, 11 warriors in green and yellow, On this lovely sunny warm Dutch Sunday (yeahright..) to play against Mick's old team / enemies, Orion.

We knew that if we lose today, we're getting into deep shit.

So game plan was: Win ! No matter what. Win!

We started strong aggressive defense, led by good old Raymond van Zessen, and with Mick Vleeshouwer in behind - cleaning all that they shot at him. Well, he didn't want to embarrass him self in front of his all family. Nice grandma ;)

Safe and easy we found our way also in offense, and went down to half time with a solid 8-12 lead.

Second half went much harder, with the opponents playing aggressive, brutal, dirty.. You name it. Typical southern hillbillies handball.

Then a few minutes of loosing our heads. We became one goal behind - 19-20, about 8 minutes to the end.

Fighting our way back, We found our game again, all the way to a beautiful 22-24 win!

Packed 2 points in the bag and got the hell out of there...

Great effort everyone! Thanks a lot Timothy Dorr, it was great you could join us, strong and fast as you were. Hope to see you much more this season :) BTW.. He has a crash for Taylor Swift :)

Cheers everyone, have a great week!

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