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Coronamaatregelen/corona measures Amstelcampus

Corona rules Amstelcampus Sport & Fitness

Dear athlete,

Welcome again in our facility and good to see you again!

Due to the corona outbreak we took measures to ensure that athletes can sport as safely as possible in this facility. Now it’s up to you to do your part and make sure that you follow the rules.

Please read the following and make sure you know what and what not to do:

1) Make sure that you the follow the general guidelines of the RIVM (government) and NOC-NSF (sports union).

2) Please disinfect your hands upon entry at the entrance.

3) The routing in the building is one way, follow the blue arrows on the floor to get to your destination. Make sure to look for extra signs on the walls/doors for information what to do or where to go.

4) There are only 5 persons allowed per changing room at the same time. Changing rooms 1 and 2 are not available since they are used for routing. That means changing rooms 3/4 for men and 5/6 for women are available. We strongly recommend not to use the dressing room when it’s not necessary. We recommend you to change and shower at home due to the small capacity.

5) Keep your distance from other people for at least 1,5 meter. Do not stand still or obstruct others in hallways or corridors. Be gallant and let other pass first and have patience.

6) Clean the sporting materials that you have used yourself after training and make sure to put hem back where they belong.

7) After your training please exit the building right away or come and have a drink in our café.

Additional Amstelcampus Café rules: (temporarily closed)

1) When entering the café it’s mandatory to register your name and telephone number with the employee at the bar.

2) The maximum capacity for the café is 50, 25 downstairs and 25 upstairs.

3) Ordering is possible on the left side of the bar where the pin machine is located.

4) Furniture and seating is fixed, do not move the furniture in the café.

5) After your visit place all your tableware and glasses in the designated bins for collection.

Besides these rules there are also some other measurements taken. Our product range will differ and not everything will be available. We will use a selection of glassware to ensure proper hygiene.

Thank you for you cooperation and we hope to see you again soon.

Marcel van den Hoek

(Location Manager Amstelcampus sport & fitness)

Additions (29 september)

1: The USC has formed a policy regarding the wearing of masks. Everyone must wear a mouth mask within the accommodation. In all places except the sports hall if there is sports.

So in all areas, traffic areas, changing rooms, etc., except in the sports hall itself when you start playing.

2: The café will close completely until October 20, initially for the 3 weeks that have been announced. The bar staff is still there as support and partly ensures the enforcement of the corona rules. Follow the instructions of the personnel at all times.

The training sessions will end no later than 23:30 and the building will close at 0:00.

3: There may no longer be an audience during training sessions or matches, not even from your own club. Athletes must leave the room as soon as possible after training or competition. The grandstand will close completely and team discussions can be held outside the accommodation, or the gym if it is not in use.


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