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The guys take a trip to Friesland

The gents selection went to Friesland to prepare for the upcoming season. Itay tells you all...

Frieslandish (Frisian) crash course :

Frisian: Hoi, hoe giet it?

Frisian: Myn namme is (your name) en ik kom út Spanje.

Frisian: Kinne jo my fertellen wêr’t it húske is?

Frisian: Mei ik witten wat dyn favorite Fryske streek produkt is?

Frisian: It wie aardich om jo te treffe, oant sjen!

Friesland!? Where the fuck is Friesland?

Do they have GPS signal there? Is it same time zone? Do we need passports to enter?

All these questions and more were answered this weekend, when a bunch of coach Jordie's bitches, from 3 Heren selection teams, played a training's tournament, As last preparation for the season beginning this week with cup games and first league games.

We played 2 teams representing US - H1 and combined H2+H4 players.On Saturday each team played 3 matches - won some, loose some. Exactly what pre-season preparation should be.

We've spent the night at some magical cabins in the middle of nowhere, having perfect clear sky full of stars.

Never get to see that in Amsterdam... is was beautiful!

All in all was wonderful night, drinking and laughing.

On Sunday we had another match for each team and we decided that it was enough for this weekend.

Shortage of players and some injuries convinced coach Jordie to skip the last match. Potentially H1 vs. H2 :)

Unfortunately, our dear Piet got injured very bad in his right knee. Doesn't look good. More like terrible.

Good opportunity here to wish you all the best Piet, lot of health and fast recovery. We're here to support you all the way !!

Good old Harald injured his shoulder, again... Man refuse to admit he's to old for this shit :)

But, knowing him - He will be back and strong very soon! Best wishes for Harald also!

Last, but not least, many thanks and regards to Friesland's own proud and favorite son - Jelte, for organizing it all. Everything was just great!

See y'all soon on the court !


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