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Our new trainer: Harald Stangeland

Most of you already know our one and only Norwegian Harald. He will train the selection girls this year and will also be the coach of the first team. All this together with Wouter. Still, we have some questions for Harald...

Who are you and what do you do in daily life?

I am a lost Norwegian in Amsterdam. I try to do as little as possible in my daily life, but sometimes my wallet tells me to work (mainly marketing). Apart from that I am busy playing handball and football plus looking after my three beautiful flats.

What’s your handball experience? Since when are you a member of US?

This is my 30th anniversary with involvement. I have played everything from top-level in Norway to rubbish level in England (and the Netherlands). I've also been coaching various teams along the road. I joined US four years ago.

Describe what US means to you in five words

Universiteit Sport or United States

How are you going to make sure a few dozen of girls won’t drive you crazy?

Treat them mean

This year you are a couple with Wouter. Why is he your ideal partner in crime? What are his good qualities?

He speaks Dutch

And what are his bad traits?

He is Dutch


Men’s handball or women’s handball?

Men's Handball. Simply because it's better.

An ugly win or a draw in a fantastic game?

Ugly win. Only losers are ok about not winning.

The Netherlands or Norway?


A fast player or a strong player?

None of them, I want a smart player #knowledgeispower

Estavana or Nycke?


Sun or snow?


Reading everybody’s mind or predict the future?

Reading everybody's mind. Que sera sera.

More about you...

24 hours with…?

On my own please

Favorite karaoke song?

12 years old woman with Boyzvoice

Number 1 on your bucketlist?

A date with Michelle Ter Laak

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