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IntervieUS: our goalie Dominik

Good morning, USers. You may have heard the bad news about the competitions. To brighten up the team spirit, we continue our intervieUS with the last man standing when our defense messes up. So grab your cup of coffee and enjoy reading what Dominik had to say.

US: What brought you to Amsterdam and how did you join US?

D: I moved in September 2017 to Amsterdam in order to start a new job. Luckily, I told my new colleagues that I played handball for almost my whole life and I was thinking about joining a club in Amsterdam. After my first two weeks in Amsterdam, one of my colleagues told me he saw a post in the facebook group "Germans in Amsterdam" that the first men's team from US Handball was looking for a new goalie to join the team in their first year after promotion to the Eerste Divisie. That was an amazing opportunity to start handball in Amsterdam. So I joined the first training in Zuid immediately.

US: So was it love at first sight?

D: Yes, definitely. As always at US, it was a really warm welcome and the training was also nice. I really enjoyed the open atmosphere and especially the beers after. As it was also my birthday, we stayed until late in the bar and had a great time. As it was my first training I didn't know that is what normally happens and I was really impressed. Best way to celebrate a birthday in a new city with awesome people.

US: How do you find handball in the Netherlands compared to what you were used to in Germany?

D: The away games are too often programmed early in the day. In Germany, it is usually the time when the kids have their games. Furthermore, in Germany the referees are not that strict with physical contact, which ends in my opinion to a more attractive game. But the Dutch handball has also a big plus: the nice and cozy sports bars in every hall! So Dutch handball wins for me.

US: What do you miss more in these times when we are not allowed to train or to "use" the sports bars?

D: To say it in Theo´s words: I definitely miss "the drinking rooms" more.

US: When and if this season is starting again, what do you expect from it? (In our defense, the interview was conducted before the bad news --Ed.)

D: At least I hope that we are allowed to proceed with the season. I don’t expect it, but it would be nice to come back to a normal situation, where we have our games with public and of course, the Pijp Avonden.

US: Now let’s get ready for the blitzkrieg round.

Dominik is a goalkeeper and the picture was taken outside 6 meters. --Ed.

US: Who is your favorite handball goalkeeper?

D: Silvio Heinevetter

US: And your favorite all time handball player?

D: Tobias Karlsson

US: What is your favorite song to listen to before matches?

D: Zebrahead - Falling Apart (youtube, spotify --Ed.)

US: What is your favorite movie about sports?

D: Coach Carter

US: Beer or wine?

D: Beer

US: Beer or water?

D: Beer

US: What's your greatest talent/skill?

D: I am average.

US: Tell us something about germans that foreigners don't know.

D: They love their cash.

US: Beer?

D: Yes!

At this point we assume your cup of coffee is empty. Until the next interview you have time to prepare with the best coffee in town from Good Beans.

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