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Our first IntervieUS with Nienke and Maarten (aka Muis & Lueksie)

We couldn't decide between starting our "IntervieUS" with a lady or a gentleman, so we've unanimously agreed to choose them both. We're now talking with two people that never leave the pitcher half full and some say this is the reason they became a couple. Nienke (the lady) and Maarten (the tramp).

US: For those of us that haven't got to spend some time with you after the trainings when we were allowed to do that, can you please briefly say something about you?

Maarten: I’m Maarten, but you should call me Lueksie, almost turning to the magical 30, and moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago from far north. Yes, far north from Amsterdam, not just North of the ring. I like to play handball for the social aspect of it.

Nienke: You know me as Muis, I’m the happy jumping chaotic person at practice.

US: And how did you end up playing for US?

M: Some fun “Pijp-avondjes” quickly convinced me when looking for a new club in Amsterdam to play for.

N: Not true! I convinced him to play for US. Do I get beer for this? I remember Tim promised me a pitcher for it…

US: I know you had a lot of fun during the time at the club, but can you tell us your craziest US story?

N: My dream came true when I was allowed to drive the cleaning car on the field with my pitcher in the hand. I can even shift on that thing now. I’m a real pro.

M: Wish you were so enthusiastic about cleaning at home... My craziest story: I believe it was a date-dinner of the 2nd ladies team and the plus-ones ended up doing belly shots. The full story is limited to the ones that were present.

US: What do you miss more in these times: the trainings or the after trainings?

N: For Kees: training. For all others: after training. Can you send out different versions please? [we couldn’t do that, sorry --Ed.]

M: After trainings, definitely!

US: What are your expectations for the current season if it will be resumed?

N: I’m scared I will break my full body when we have to start again soon.

M: I’m afraid it won’t happen. Let’s hope we can have some beers together soon!

US: Well good luck with that. There's also a blitzkrieg round in this interview. Hope you're ready:

US: Favorite all time handball player?

N: Nicole Masolijn

M: Lubomir Vranjes

US: Favorite movie about sports?

N: H1 vs. AHC (filmed it myself).

M: Invictus

US: Sinterklaas or Santa Claus?

N: Neither one.

M: Sinterklaas; sad that Muis doesn’t share the passion. To bully her I bought a huge Christmas tree again ;).

US: New year fireworks: yay or nay?

N: Yay, only the children stuff.

M: Nay, too drunk for that.

US: Gluhwein or cold beer?

N: Gluh-Beer

M: Both?

US: There's still room for one more question. Do you want to wish something to all USers out there for these holidays?

N: Don’t cycle too drunk; I know what can happen.

M: Keep practicing for the 3rd half and make our coach proud after the lockdown!

We're hoping to drink that beer soon. To hug each other, to laugh together, to share a pitcher on a Thursday night in Sportcafé Zuid after training. And to practice and play handball again, of course.

We are sure you all found what you expected under the Christmas trees, so we can only wish you all some very relaxing Christmas holidays. The new year will surely be better [fingers crossed].


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