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IntervieUS: Jelte and his team are starting the season

Exciting times ahead. The new season is starting and everything looks promising. We are talking today with the man from the north. He managed to climb the wall and jump on the other side of it. Now he’s enjoying life in the exotic Amsterdam and he discovered Dutch is not another foreign language here. Meet Jelte, the friendly Frisian.

US: What is a Frisian doing in Amsterdam?

Jelte: trying to spread the Frisian culture to the rest of the Netherlands. And as you could see, last winter was quite Frisian here.

US: Are you that bad at ice skating or how did you end up playing handball?

J: I was Frisian junior champion outdoor ice-skating, but then they found out I was born in Breda and wasn’t allowed to participate anymore. Since I needed another sport and I was really really really bad at playing football, I started with handball.

US: Are you excited for the new season? What are your expectations?

J: I am super excited for the new season and hopefully we can play all the games. I expect everyone to be really motivated and bring their A-game when it comes to the third-half.

US: Do you think you’re fit enough?

J: Of course. Before we were allowed to start training, I joined all the cool people running laps in Vondelpark again and again and again. After that, Erik’s trainings were the missing piece of the puzzle. So let the games begin!

US: Before we officially start the season, do you have any recommendations for how to make the first part of it more fun?

J: I recommend we keep doing some bbqs! And of course win some points. It’s always more fun when you win.

US: Thanks. We still have the blitzkrieg round. Ready?


US: Dutch or Swedish cuisine?

J: Swedish

US: Working from home or in the office?

J: Office

US: Favourite sportsman?

J: Costin Moraru

US: Favourite pandemic series?

J: Clarkson's Farm

US: Catching the ball or Kate Upton?

J: Catching the ball

US: 3 words for your colleagues before the start of the season.

J: Catch the ball!!!!

Well that was it. Don’t forget to admire H2’s new shirts, sponsored by Be Empowered (not coincidentally Jelte's employer ☺), today at 21:15 in Amstelcampushal.

Until next time, good luck D1, H1 and H2. Let’s start the season with 3 wins.


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